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Frequently Asked Questions

There's no catch, our community is 100% free. All we ask of our members is commitment and contribution. Our concierge team consistently monitor The X Lounge's engagement - ensuring both safety and value. The team will frequently review participation status, encourage those who seem absent and may remove members who no longer align with the vision.

1. What's the catch?

We have partnered with Wix Studio - the most powerful tool we have ever seen for combining design, marketing, sales and client management. We were spending a ludicrous amount on SaaS before we discovered Wix Studio, now we use their tools to run every facet of our business. Because this switch made our processes so much more efficient packaging them up into blueprints for others seemed obvious. We reached out to Wix Studio, pitched them our vision and they agreed to back it!

2. If it's free, how do you make money?

The content in The X Lounge is exceptional and the knowledge you'll have immediate access to is unmatched. But the true value is in the legion you become a part of. Our community thrives because the people inside engage with each other and add value. If we let everyone and anyone inside, we'd open the doors to chaos and the community we've worked so hard to create would implode. For that reason our team manually review applications and approve those we believe are a good fit.

3. Why do I have to apply?

After you apply, you will be brought into our waiting room and you'll be notified once we've reviewed your application. Our team typically review applications within 2-5 business days.

4. What happens after I apply?


April 2020 - Present

21-Year-Old Entrepreneur. Marketing Genius. Creator of Winners.

Today, he serves as CEO of MOD Digital, a fast-growing marketing/ lead-generation company that’s changing the landscape of online marketing.


With a distinguished clientele of world-class companies under his belt, Flynn takes care of all their marketing needs and helps them get closer to their business goals. 


His unique strategies and leadership skills have earned him a position in the prestigious Wise 20 Under 20 List. Flynn's story of perseverance and dedication has inspired many minds and helped him become a two-time finalist for the Young British Entrepreneur Awards.


June 2019 - April 2020

16-Year-Old High School Dropout. Jack-of-all-trades. Visionary.

Everything changed when he stepped into the world of web design. It came naturally to him and felt like a pretty easy thing to do. Soon he got paid for his first website which eventually paved a path to digital marketing. 


Flynn's business was growing so fast that he had to make the decision between staying in school or dropping out to build his marketing company. 


When Flynn realised that he knew exactly what he wanted to do in life and that he had nothing to gain by staying in school anymore, he did the unthinkable and dropped out.



Schoolkid, Hustler.

Flynn was born with the entrepreneurial gene inbuilt. When he was still at school, he started his first venture by reselling chewing gum to classmates, and soon, the whole school.


Later he diversified his reselling into sneakers, luxury clothing and whatever apparel the market was demanding.


But Flynn wanted more than a side hustle. He always wanted to build something big, something revolutionary.

Flynn Blackie

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"All the good options are expensive, all the free options are fake.

I created The X Lounge to change that."


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