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Get Paid $1000+ To Make Websites In Less Than 5 Hours Using Free Ai Tools 

Community access is approval only.


Generational wealth should be the focus - not a quick cash grab followed by consecutive losses. The X Lounge helps you create bedrock foundations.  We don't show you "tricks" we teach you systems and processes for sustainable, predictable, growth.


The only way to maintain a community that is endeared across industry and known for its active members that propel each other to the next level - is to only enlist members who contribute and strive to push other members to the next level. All applications are vetted manually.


How many times have you been sold the world, and at best, been delivered the moon? The X Lounge is what happens when you combine the mind of a 20 Under 20 Entrepreneur with the resources of a company worth $3b. We'll always deliver material you can actually use.


Success is a lonely road and without a legion of people who have your back - striving for the same mission, sharing highs and supporting each other with lows - the odds are stacked against you. Access A players and high performers that grow and move forward with you.

Community Foundations


Unrivalled Benefits You'll Also Get Immediately

Gain Access To The Legion.

A team of exceptional individuals to help you build your dream life.

A private mastermind for those fighting for the real world. Gain priceless insights and opportunities in the realms of marketing, business, income generation, wealth creation, persuasion, and more. Surround yourself with a circle of winners, pushing each other to be more.

Unlock The Treasury.

Safe storage for everything valuable. Use your membership to access the treasury - an online platform housing all of The X Lounge's private content.

Unreleased trend reports, blueprints, templates, Netflix-level courses that are unavailable anywhere else and so much more.

Uncensored Mavens.

No more listening to watered-down "top 5" videos made to rank on YouTube that leave you exactly as you started by the time you finish them.

Our connections and endorsement contribute towards hiring guest speakers who are experts in their fields that show you; what led to their success, how they smashed through their biggest barriers, and their real, valuable, actionable, insights that will help you to grow yourself as an individual.

Your Own Dedicated Support.

Not only will you be surrounded by peers who can share real-life experiences and relate to the problems you are facing, but The X Lounge also provides our own success concierge team.​

Whether you need help finding an optimal platform for managing your CRM, a list of translators to help your marketing reach a new continent or a shortlist of video editors, our concierge can support you.

You'll also be able to submit requests, content and strategies for our elite team to dissect and review for you at no cost.


There's no catch, our community is 100% free. All we ask of our members is commitment and contribution. Our concierge team consistently monitor The X Lounge's engagement - ensuring both safety and value. The team will frequently review participation status, encourage those who seem absent and may remove members who no longer align with the vision.

1. What's the catch?

We have partnered with Editor X - the most powerful tool we have ever seen for combining design, marketing, sales and client management. We were spending a ludicrous amount on SaaS before we discovered Editor X, now we use their tools to run every facet of our business. Because this switch made our processes so much more efficient packaging them up into blueprints for others seemed obvious. We reached out to Editor X, pitched them our vision and they agreed to back it!

2. If it's free, how do you make money?

The content in The X Lounge is exceptional and the knowledge you'll have immediate access to is unmatched. But the true value is in the legion you become a part of. Our community thrives because the people inside engage with each other and add value. If we let everyone and anyone inside, we'd open the doors to chaos and the X we've worked so hard to create would implode. For that reason our team manually review applications and approve those we believe are a good fit.

3. Why do I have to apply?

After you apply, you will be brought into our waiting room and you'll be notified once we've reviewed your application. Our team typically review applications within 2-5 business days.

4. What happens after I apply?

Frequently Asked Questions


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Join Your Comrades In

The X Lounge

We've assembled all of the knowledge you need to make a fully-functional, clean and modern website in just a matter of hours by leveraging the power of AI. With step-by-step instructions and real-life examples, you'll be able to create a website that not only looks good but also functions flawlessly and that can be sold as a live website for £1000+

What We Cover

The first module of this course opens by eliminating the first objection on everyone's mind  "£1050 for 5 hours of work???".


We show you the real meeting recording of the client's initial reaction to the website.


You’ll understand the EXACT questions to ask the client so that they’re reassured you’re the guy for the job.

The Proof


Here we highlight the exact tools you’ll need to set yourself apart from your competitors. 


With the understanding of this module, coming up with groundbreaking ideas to impress your client will never of felt easier!


By the end you’ll know:

  • The one trick most web developers miss out on (Hint: Editor X)

  • How to use the free resources that are waiting for you

  • The secrets to AI that save you time & money

The Free Employee

Module 01

This is the part that will propel you ahead of everyone else. Leaving your client with one desperate question: ‘How have you created something so high quality, so quickly?’

See, anyone can use AI, but not everyone understands how to maximise its full potential as we show you here.

From understanding the aesthetics of your website to eye-catching images to keep an audience engaged.

AI-magination Unleashed

Module 02

Here we take all your AI content and plug it into your fresh website! ($0 spent!)


But the AI content isn’t finished just yet…


We still need to patch up on some gaps and spice up our content so we can ENSURE our websites are memorable to anyone that views.

Concept to Creation

Module 03

You could leave it here, but why leave money on the table?


In this bonus module, we will show you the exact process needed to transfer your AI-generated website to look just as good on mobile devices.


And let me remind you, we’ve still not spent a penny, yet you have a website businesses would fight for.

Mobile Ready

Bonus Module

I’ve been there, friend.


Searching in desperation for someone like-minded you can learn from or even just vent to.


Only to be met with the same disappointments because they don’t think like you, they don’t manifest like you.


Financial freedom is the goal, but we’re surrounded by those who settle for less and call it a day.


People who snooze four times, scroll on TikTok for hours and play video games to ‘fill time’. 


Now, what if I told you could be a part of something much greater than just a course?


You’d probably eye roll at me and show no interest because of the countless ‘Gurus’ who have stolen your trust for online groups.


But what if this time, I told you you’ve discovered a free entry, no up-sell community with every member inside verified as like-minded in the financial freedom space?


Meaning once inside, every SINGLE person you encounter has something of value to teach you at no cost.


Something of value that you won’t find on a YouTube guide such as:


  • How you REALLY make online income 

  • Why taxes aren’t as intimidating as they seem

  • Personal critiques and meetups with people on the same journey as you


For too long the journey of financial freedom has been lonely, 


Finally, you have access to a group of visionaries working so they can travel the world, stress-free, never having to check the bank with anxiety.


We’ll be waiting for you on the inside comrade.

An Exclusive Circle For Digital Visionaries

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